Hats off to Trappers Cabin

If you haven’t heard the new Trappers Cabin record yet, you’re missing out! We’re real proud to be a part of this amazing album. Check out this sweet song “I’ve Got Something” and listen for your friends in The Law Band!!

Cool Post about The Law!

Great Info from our Fearless Leader! Thanks Beth!!

“Long Live the Great American Band”

Photo of The Law Band. Photograph by Bonnie M. Moret

I love bands, so I’m dedicating the month of September to them. You can follow me on Twitter for #LifeProTips for bands this month. My all-time favorite music genre is rock, so naturally most of my top favorite musical acts are bands. I also live and work in Atlanta, where bands seem to be the predominant art form, at least in the live venues I frequent. That’s not a knock on my beloved solo artists and singer-songwriters – I love you guys and gals, too – I’m just a rock ‘n roll girl at heart with a hardcore appreciation for team work.

As an entertainment attorney, and even more so as a band manager, I have a unique perspective into how bands operate as a closely held small business, and how the relationship of its members determines everything about the band. It’s not as easy as it looks. A band is very much like a marriage and a business intertwined. You have to carefully balance your intimate, artistic relationship with your band mates with the seemingly incompatible mission of building a viable economic relationship together. Even among the best of us, either one of those tasks would be challenging enough, so to succeed at both takes a whole lot of commitment and a little bit of smart planning.

Here are some common scenarios that young bands face, for which hiring a lawyer who specializes in bands can go a long way. Not only could it help prevent a ton of stress and possibly litigation, but it may actually help save the “Great American Band” I love so much…

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