THE LAW BAND is a hard rockin’ country act based in Atlanta, Georgia, with influences of Americana, rockabilly, bluegrass and psychedelic music, that appeals to both the rural roughneck and urban artist in us all. Their debut album “Dust and Aether,” complete with original comic book illustrations, is a musical and visual tribute to all the cowboys, pioneers, gunslingers, hillbillies and wanderers who live free and write their own rules. Each song on “Dust & Aether” tells the story of a mystical cowboy & spiritual warrior, including tales of personal demons, cheating women, lying friends, heavy drinking, loss of control, loneliness, fear, death, fire and redemption.

The Law Band is comprised of seven unique singer/songwriters and musical storytellers, combined to create a cinematic, multi-genre live experience like no other, with lead singer Chandler McGee (also on harmonica), Aaron Hill (guitar), Nancy Kaye, with several records to her credit as “Rosey” & “Lal Meri” (vocals & percussion), Joel Nettesheim, a.k.a. “Trappers Cabin” (vocals & bass), Zack Smith (drums) & Brad Poole (lead guitar). “Dust & Aether” also features special guest Southern Ground recording artist Levi Lowrey on fiddle.

Be sure to check out The Law Band’s first single and music video for “Crazy Lonesome” (www.CrazyLonesome.com), directed by Cole Cassell. The gang will be entertaining live audiences all across the east coast in 2013 in towns big and small, so look out for them! The Law Band is the new authority in country music.