THE LAW BAND is an Atlanta-based southern rock act, influenced by psychedelic and outlaw country music. Their debut album “Dust and Aether,” independently released on December 21, 2012, complete with comic book illustrations, is a musical and visual tribute to all the cowboys, pioneers, gunslingers, hillbillies and wanderers who live free and write their own rules.

“There’s the ‘outlaw’ movement [like Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings], which insinuates those guys are doing something wrong. Now I’m not one to think Waylon Jennings did anything wrong, so we decided we’d just take it back and be The Law.”

-Aaron Hill, co-founder of The Law Band on Fun 101.1 FM with Mick in the Morning (March 22, 2013).

The Law Band is comprised of co-founders Chandler McGee (vocals, harmonica) and Aaron Hill (guitar), along with bandmates Joel Nettesheim (aka Trappers Cabin, guitar, keys, vocals), Hill Roberts (bass), Nancy Kaye Hill (aka Rosey, percussion, vocals), Adam Higgins (keys) and Paul Wagner (drums).

The Law Band won “Video of the Year” for their breakout single “Crazy Lonesome” at the 2013 GA Music Awards and took home “Best Americana/Bluegrass Artist” in 2014.


Chandler McGee (lead singer, co-founder) and Aaron Hill (guitar, co-founder):

Joel Nettesheim, aka Trappers Cabin:

Nancy Hill, aka Rosey:

Hill Roberts, aka Catfish: